Entertainment is something that does not come from being obligatory. If a child is not very likely to read a book, that they shall enjoy the book. In its place of compelling students to read a book, why not have a library in school and offer nominated time period so that they can read the material independently. If any student ends his or her work and he compels to read at the secondary level in school so it will never ever provide any benefit to them at the secondary level education. The students should never compel to read for entertainment in schools. Instead of it, they should be compelled to write essays on their own because it really helps them to build the writing skills and it provides several advantages to them in their professional life. It is one of the main reasons that the students are more attentive on copying or paying the handsome amount to buy dissertation from http://www.DissertationHouse.co.uk/ for getting help. On the grounds of these discussions, it is recommended that the students should not be forced to read for the entertainment in schools. However, if they like to read for the entertainment in schools so they must be allowed to read for the entertainment in schools. It really increases their knowledge and vocabulary which ultimately help them a lot in improving their writing abilities.